Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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ALU Automatic sanitizing column is an elegant hands free solution. Activated by a photocell, this no-touch system is durable, clean and made from high quality material. Quick and easy refill with any type of alcoholic gel, this system is rechargeable and requires batteries. It is easily customizable with magnetic graphics that can be directly applied on the dispenser.

1 column, 1 base, 1 drip tray, 1 Lead battery 12V. Sanitizing Gel not included. Battery Recharger not included. Please, contact customer service to buy it separately
Powder coated steel base and column, black painted, with stainless steel drip tray and pedal. Transparent propylene tank.
Height 50" 13/64. Width 15" 3/4. Depth 11" 13/16. Weight 33lbs.
Dispensing Mechanism:
Peristaltic pump activated by photocell. Tank capacity: 50.7oz. From 3.000 to 1.000 dispensings per tank.
Installation time:
10 minutes

*ALU declines any responsibility for improper use or use that does not comply with our safety information provided.

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